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Everyday you learn more about who you are and what makes you happy. At True Belonging, we want you to use what you are learning to consciously choose any and all aspects of the life that you are currently living. It is within everyone's reach to be happy; to belong to a life where they feel successful, appreciated, and valued for their contributions. This really is true for everyone, especially you, regardless of your past or perceived limitations of your present situation.

If there is any aspect of your life that you are dissatisfied with, hopefully the tools, techniques, and discussions at can help. This site is just getting started, so there isn't much here yet, but there will be...

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Scientific Intuitive

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True Belonging, LLC is based in MD.
True Belonging, LLC Services:
Life-Balance Strategies
Energy Work & Intuitive Healing
Workshops & Presentations

I am a mathematician, an ordained minister and an intuitive. One of my main talents is that I can  identify patterns and relationships in seemingly non-correlated data, and communicate my analysis in a context that others can understand and work with in their own way. In my life-balance strategies work, this helps us identify and clear blocks that prevent you from belonging to your true life. It also enables me to create workshops that appeal to diverse groups, since I can identify threads of commonality between different perspectives on spirituality, intention, and reality. I am then able to present my findings in a way that offers individuals the ability to incorporate any relevant information into their own belief systems.
In the silence of the mountain, I witness the grandeur of the trees that surround me.

Their enormity and strength make me feel safe, not small.

Each one sports a different pattern of snow and moss. They are all perfect, and beautiful, and yet totally unique...

and in that instant I feel secure in my own uniqueness and recognize the perfection of my own beauty.